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Stopping Productivity for IM&C

By August 14, 2019October 9th, 2019No Comments

Facing productivity loss can be a real threat to the success of your production line. In our last blog post, we talked about the three productivity stoppers that can outright halt your production line from the inside and how our Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solution can help. In this blog, we’ll look at the three external productivity issues that can cost you time and money if not properly addressed. 

Your production line should always be focused on eliminating losses and keeping your customers happy in order to get the greatest return and set yourself up for future orders. However, setbacks from productivity loss can keep your production line from success. In this blog, we’ll explore three external sources of productivity loss. 

3 More Productivity Stoppers 

While we may have found three ways to keep your production line running smoothly in the last blog, now it’s time to talk about external sources of productivity loss. These three issues involve low demand and excess inventory. 

  • Slow Cycles: When seasonal or other product cycles experience low demand, but the product still needs to be produced, your line(s) will run at less than peak performance. 
  • Production Rejects: When your business completes the manufacturing of a series of products but the quality or exact specifications are not met, the customer may not accept delivery. 
  • Startup Rejects: When a customer outright does not take up an order because they lack the funds to do so, or the company has dissolved entirely, your potential income sources can start to run dry 
How Our OEE Can Help 

Dickinson + Associates Overall Equipment Effectiveness built on SAP Leonardo is your vertical solution in eliminating lost revenue from produced products that can’t be sold. OEE is the standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. It gives you a competitive advantage by providing insight into equipment downtime, availability and production of non-conforming parts and orders. Our solutions enable you to address issues and stay ahead of losses that occur during a production run. Our OEE does this all in real-time, so it can ensure production lines run better and smarter. 

Dickinson + Associates as Your Partner 

As an SAP Gold Channel Partner, Dickinson + Associates has our expert team is focused on leveraging the most advanced technologies for your business success. By combining our expertise with the advantages of an intuitive OEE, you can rely on enterprise-grade solutions and unparalleled value. Our adaptive, agile approach to OEE lets you move your business from a Digital Enterprise to an Intelligent Enterprise. 





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