In today’s economy, organizations need the ability to drive their digital business transformation with added simplicity in both deployment and ongoing maintenance.  Companies of all sizes look to stay competitive through business value derived from running in real-time.  Looking to remove technical constraints, organizations want the ability to confidently make real-time decisions based on better insights.  In an environment where competitors may still be taking hours to days, timely insights derived in seconds or minutes allow organizations to better compete and gain advantage.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the intelligent cloud ERP solution.  Designed for in-memory computing, S/4HANA Cloud acts as a digital core, connecting your enterprise with people, business networks, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and more.  It intuitively delivers next-generation contextual experiences and smart interactions across all devices. Enjoy the effortless scalability, easy management, and complete security you expect from cloud solutions.  

What's it like to be an early adopter of SAP S/4HANA in the public cloud? MOD Pizza shares its lessons learned as they implemented SAP's latest ERP product.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud empowers users with insights to act in the moment, informs predictive suggestion that goes beyond automation, and connects all departments within an organization around the world — all while providing the benefits expected of a cloud-based enterprise solution such as:

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Faster time to value
  • Shorter upgrade cycles
  • More frequent cycles of innovation
  • Rapid Implementation improving the quality of deployment
  • Subscription pricing frees up capital for other investments
  • Lower cost of support and reduced IT headcount
  • Richer, intuitive user experience leading to quicker productivity



Dickinson + Associates is a privately held SAP management consulting firm that specializes in SAP implementations and was founded in 1998.  In March 2016, the firm was designated as the very first U.S.-based SAP S/4 HANA Public Cloud Lighthouse Partner. This not only recognizes our capability with the new S/4 HANA Public Cloud solution, it also signifies our firm will bring the latest insights, methodologies, and access to the SAP product development team when delivering your S/4HANA Cloud implementations. In May 2017, Dickinson + Associates was Named a Finalist for the 2017 SAP® Pinnacle Award in SAP S/4HANA® Partner of the Year - Cloud Category.  The annual SAP Pinnacle Awards acknowledge the contributions of leading SAP partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP and helping customers meet their goals.  With a mature team of seasoned industry professionals, Dickinson is equipped to deliver quality SAP S/4HANA Cloud leadership to customers across North America and the world.