SAP Process Optimization

In today’s evolving markets, it is more important than ever for a company to make sure that it is getting the absolute most out of its investment in their ERP systems. By recognizing the full value of process efficiencies made possible by implementing an ERP system such as SAP, companies can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Dickinson + Associates can help you optimize your SAP solution to enable agile, lean and efficient processes.
Dickinson + Associates Optimization Services helps companies realize the most out of their SAP investments by assessing the current state of their SAP solution, acting on the results to resolve issues or implement improvements, and setting the path forward towards continuous process improvement through benchmarking.


Our approach begins with an Optimization Assessment that provides your company an á la carte listing for optimizing each business process allowing you to focus on the most important issues first. Dickinson + Associates understands that your company is in a capital-constrained environment and offers this approach to give your company the flexibility to repair or enhance your processes at your own pace, utilizing your own staff as much as possible.

Optimization Assessment

Dickinson + Associates will evaluate your current processes against best practices to identify the opportunities for improvement within your SAP solution. Dickinson + Associates has compiled a database of common process issues based on our consultants’ extensive experience working with industry-leading companies. This information has allowed us to develop tools for diagnosing key symptoms that highlight significant breakdowns in each process. Through an on-site evaluation, our team can provide you with a complete report of the opportunities available to your organization by simply accessing your SAP solution and running standard reports.
Our Optimization Assessment methodology enables a complete assessment of the solution by focusing on common points of breakdown. By focusing on key metrics within each area compiled through our database, we can flush out common challenges found in each process and determine exactly how well your organization is executing. Without a complete assessment across all of these processes, you cannot accurately determine the specific cause of breakdowns.
Following the on-site assessment, you will receive the Process Diagnosis Report, a full analysis outlining the effectiveness of your company’s solution and potential opportunities for continuous improvement.

Process Optimization Deployment

Understanding the issues inhibiting a lean and efficient process is only the beginning. The Optimization Assessment provides a framework through which Dickinson + Associates consultants can act to correct the issues uncovered. Dickinson + Associates’ methodology for Process Optimization uses the Optimization Assessment as an input to lay out a quick and easy project plan for tackling each issue individually. We focus on the most value-added efforts to drastically improve your process efficiency and minimize total cost of ownership for your SAP system.
Once the path to process optimization opportunities are identified and understood, Dickinson + Associates will work with your team to implement improvements rapidly. Leveraging the real world experiences of our consultants, Dickinson + Associates will fully develop, test, and deliver the identified improvements with the intent to minimize impact to the flow of the business while unlocking the tangible benefits identified to improve operations.


Dickinson + Associates helps businesses reengineer existing processes and tools using best practices to build truly world class solutions. Our seasoned consultants use their real world business experience and SAP knowledge to optimize each process within the four walls as well as provide the proper techniques to collaboratively plan optimization activities that occur externally. Whether local or global, we can assist in transforming your processes into integrated solutions that realize the overall efficiencies desired by the business.