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Innovation and agility are common traits found in dynamic, growing organizations. Established and emerging industries alike are driving innovation in the world economy and thus seek to leverage multiple applications to meet complex demands. The new world economy requires the ability to take data from multiple disparate sources and to leverage that data through new insights. This Internet of Things approach serves as the foundation of modern day analytics. Companies face the growing challenge of capturing data in real-time from what can ultimately represent an infinite number of sources. This includes everything from equipment performance to customer sentiment.


SAP Leonardo is a suite of applications bringing new technologies and services together with the express purpose of helping businesses power their digital transformation. This yields new capabilities in Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, and Analytics. The portfolio of seamlessly integrated future-facing technologies empowers an organization to rapidly innovate, scale new models, and continually redefine business. As a portfolio of applications seamlessly integrated into SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo enables innovation and learning by combining multiple capabilities that form a single connected environment. SAP Leonardo, built on SAP Cloud Platform is an open, extendable application suite focused on IoT, Machine Learning, and Digital Intelligence. Its inherent ability for rapid deployment and flexible scalability ensures an organization will continue innovating as their business grows and continues to evolve. This allows for companies to respond proactively and with agility to changing market conditions, the need for increased operational efficiencies, and increasing customer expectations.


Dickinson + Associates is an SAP Gold Channel Partner with a core team focused on innovation, integration, and building on SAP Leonardo. With a dedicated focus on the suite of SAP Leonardo technologies, we are able to deploy enterprise grade solutions that provide enormous value to our customers. With our innovative, agile methodology that puts the user first, we can rapidly develop solutions that answer specific needs of the organization, and that do so through a rich, robust user experience. Dickinson + Associates’ adaptive, agile approach to SAP Leonardo is designed to help move your business from a Digital Enterprise to an Intelligent Enterprise.

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