In today’s business environment, analytical applications are increasingly dependent on “big data” solutions. Additionally, these applications need to return information to users at all levels of the organization in real-time. It’s common for analytical models and definitions to change more quickly than IT departments can deliver solutions. By the time a solution is delivered, it is obsolete, takes too long to process or simply does not meet the evolving requirements of the organization. The same expectations now apply to the underlying transaction systems. When business leaders demand no data latency and the ability to adapt quickly to market condition changes, there is constant strain on the IT organization and their ability to deliver.


SAP HANA offers a powerful solution to the information challenges modern organizations face. Combining in-memory technology with columnar database storage, SAP HANA provides massive parallel processing capabilities required for real-time analytic and reporting solutions, as well as the capability to handle transaction processing at astonishing speeds. Data is no longer a day old (and a day late). In contrast, it’s real-time, independent of data volumes and concurrent with user activity. SAP HANA represents a revolutionary change to database technologies and, when combined with the power of the SAP BusinessObjects suite, can transform an organization’s ability to instantly react to market changes and adjust business processes to use new insights and capabilities.


SAP HANA comes in a variety of editions with industry-specific applications. The key points to understand include:
Real-time Solutions

  • New accelerators and analytic content for powerful analysis and reporting on big data
  • New applications for highly innovative processes and business models


  • Make smarter and faster decisions with complete insight on large volumes of granular data
  • React quickly with real-time analysis and reporting
  • Unlock new opportunities with state-of-the-art analysis
  • Invent new data-driven business models and renew differentiating processes enabled by real-time insight
  • Ensure quick time-to-value with solutions that you can deploy faster


Dickinson + Associates’ dedicated Business Analytics practice specializes in working with clients to develop long-term Business Analytics strategies targeted at all organization levels. Whether you are a new customer considering an SAP HANA implementation or an existing BW customer considering an upgrade to BW on SAP HANA, Dickinson + Associates can support your strategy development and implementation requirements. To us, Business Analytics is not simply defined as reporting tools or database solutions. Instead, it includes analytical applications that allow customers to make more powerful, predictable decisions based on reliable, trusted information. We are prepared to help you take advantage of this new technology with the SAP Business Suite and other integrated solutions, providing you with a comprehensive platform using the best available in-memory technology. Beyond proven performance improvements, this capability gives you options for landscape simplification, business process innovation, openness and deployment flexibility.