SAP Cloud Platform


Innovation and agility are common traits found in dynamic, growing organizations. Emerging industries such as Renewable Energy, Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Business and Predictive Marketing are driving innovation in the world economy and thus need a flexible software platform to meet their complex demands. In many cases, firms in emerging markets are developing homegrown, advanced applications required to support industry-specific business operations. The challenge they face is having a single, powerful, agile development platform that can support both transactional and analytical requirements. More often than not, companies are forced to acquire multiple, independent platforms in order to satisfy their full scope of requirements. What they really need is a single-integrated development platform that can support all of their operational and analytical needs. 



The SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP) has revolutionized how organizations deploy applications to their user community. SAPCP offers a range of capabilities that allow organizations to stay ahead of the digital trends that have disrupted the markets. SAPCP has removed the headache of on-premise hardware hosting and maintenance. By leveraging this new cloud architecture, companies can get up and running quickly, and easily scale new capabilities as they grow. 
SAPCP leverages the HANA database technology, which is the de facto solution for “Big Data” analytics and real-time transaction processing. SAPCP also offers capabilities such as application development, IoT, mobile, and data integration among other things, in a single platform. This allows companies to simplify their landscape while delivering rich, mobile ready applications to their users in record time. 


• A flexible, scalable and agile development platform
• Cloud architecture, no hardware hosting or maintenance
• A single, integrated platform for analytics, application development, and data/process integration
• Advanced in-memory database technology
• Quicker time to value with rapid application development


Dickinson + Associates is an SAP Gold Channel Partner and is certified to Sell, Service and Build on the SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP). With a core team specializing in all areas of SAPCP, we are able to deploy enterprise grade applications that provide enormous value to our customers. With our innovative, agile methodology that puts the user first, we can rapidly develop applications that offer a rich, robust user experience. Dickinson + Associates’ adaptive, agile approach to SAPCP application development is proven to succeed in today’s fast paced, ever changing business environment.