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SAP Cloud Analytics

By July 23, 2019August 14th, 2019No Comments

Building Cloud Analytics 

The data your business collects and produces is its most valuable asset. So much time and effort are spent to compile it all, yet so much more can be mined from your data by discovering unseen insights and patterns within it. With cloud-based analytics from SAP, you can increase your prospects and improve scalability. 

SAP Analytics Cloud lets data analysts and business leaders understand the data they have and build out their business roadmaps in a secure, cloud-based environment. SAP allows data from all platforms to be used across all applications for efficiency in a multitude of everyday tasks. 

Raining Benefits 

Cloud analytics provides your business with security and accessibility for its data. This open-source infrastructure allows you to leverage data management, streamline development and integrations as well as expand business applications. 

You’ll be able to explore hidden relationships in your data and foster growth, knowing that your business is built on a consistent data model designed to help you become a smarter business. 

Real-Life Results  

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud for their day to day and bottom line. This business intelligence platform can effectively merge your data sources and analytics functions into a single source of truth. 

Borchers America, an innovator in no-drip paint drying additives, relied on Analytics Cloud to consolidate their data from diverse operational units into a single BI reporting platform. SAP Analytics Cloud allows users to access trusted data in real time. In this case, Borchers sales reps were able to share data from their mobile devices with customers. This increased business prospects by giving Borchers better control over their product development, allowing customers to make more informed decisions so they could select the right drying additives for their projects. 

Dickinson + Associates on Your Side 

Dickinson + Associates has the solutions for upgrading your cloud experience to include everything you need to be successful. Whether you’re looking to provide a better experience to your customers or need to gain visibility over your business processes, we’ll help you stay connected across all devices and platforms. 

We offer best-in-class analytics, armed with end-to-end data management and analytics from SAP Analytics Cloud. With Dickinson + Associates, you’ll have the power to leverage your data in intuitive ways. For a proven methodology when you need value-driven results, partner with Dickinson + Associates. 

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