SAP Analytics Cloud


Business Intelligence has grown beyond reporting applications. As organizations face the challenges of dynamic market shifts, supply chain optimization and budgetary pressures, they have increasingly turned toward analytics solutions that not only enable their operations but also drive strategic initiatives.

From operational reporting and self-service applications to analytical dashboards and mobile capabilities, Analytics solutions need to support the broad brush of modern information requirements. Real- time information must be available anytime and anywhere while addressing the “big data” and “open data” challenges facing organizations. These issues are not limited to large, multinational enterprises. They are faced by all organizations working to meet ever- increasing demand for information, knowledge, understanding and, where possible, wisdom.

As organizations seek to be more agile in the midst of an ever- changing industry, they often look for secure analytics software free from a complex installation, heavy hardware requirements, and complicated application maintenance.



SAP offers a unique and powerful approach to the challenges of information demand through cloud analytics solutions. The SAP Analytics Cloud suite provides an integrated family of technologies and applications that assist organizations in transforming traditional reporting solutions into powerful strategic tools in a flexible and secure cloud environment. Near instantaneous access to information is provided through this Software as a Service package, providing the ability to discover, analyze, plan, predict, and collaborate all in a single integrated experience.

Self-service capabilities empower users and reduce demands on IT departments, while the analytical and predictive solutions provide executives with a strategic view of their organization.

SAP Analytics Cloud opens an organization up to the world of Business Intelligence, Planning, and Predictive Analytics in a reimagined environment that ties information and knowledge directly into your business processes. The secure, cloud environment the suite is built on offers enterprise-level functionality, no expensive IT start-up costs, easy access and use, and above all scalability.




Dickinson + Associates has a dedicated Analytics practice with a specific focus on SAP innovation and technology. Our analytics practice specializes in working with clients to develop long-term strategies that meet the information and analytics needs of all levels of the organization. To us, it includes analytical applications that allow our customers to make more powerful, more insightful decisions based on reliable, trusted information. Dickinson + Associates has been implementing and supporting SAP reporting and analytical applications since the inceptionof the Business Information Warehouse product. We specialize in the SAP Analytics Cloud suite and its integration with both SAP and non- SAP sources of data.