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Optimize Your Processes

By October 25, 2019November 4th, 2019No Comments

Over time, as new demands in output and quality are established, you’ll need to add, eliminate, alter and refine your processes to keep up with your client’s needs. In our last blog post, we discussed how insights could be used to identify processes that need optimizing. In this blog, we’ll cover the optimization process and how Dickinson + Associates can offer SAP solutions to assist you with it. 

Understanding Optimization 

The most successful businesses are the ones that can adapt their processes to best fit the needs of their industry. Process optimization is the act of refining or outright replacing a process to make the best or most effective use of some specified set of parameters without violating established standards. 

Process optimization will take the analyzed insight data you and your team have collected and help you establish the most efficient solutions. This is done by using said data to decide which steps should be added or removed. You’ll then mapimplement  and in some cases, automate steps to achieve the most efficient process. You’re wasting money and resources when you can’t consistently produce results of the same or better quality. By refining your processes to eliminate or replace the bloated steps we mentioned in the last blog, you can achieve the results you wantThis isn’t a one-time action, however. You need to regularly document your workflow and then continuously analyze it, making improvements over time. 

Parameters to Adjust 

Now that you understand which data needs to be collected and have used it to identifprocess shortcomings, it’s time to change up your processes by adjusting parametersThere are three fundamental parameters that can be adjusted to affect optimal performance. 


  • Equipment Optimization 

Examine operating data to identify and eliminate bottlenecks so the existing equipment is being used to its fullest potential.  

  • Operating Procedures 

Ensure automated processes work in tandem with the staff on hand with each shift to meet the desired output. 

  • Control Optimization 

All menial tasks performed by machines and computers are done through control loops, or basic, defined tasks or actions. Ensure all loops are optimized to work together to achieve peak performance. 


Altering any combination of these is the key to process optimization. Common goals of process optimization are minimizing cost and maximizing throughput and efficiency. This is one of the major quantitative tools in industrial and business decision making. 

How Dickinson + Associates Can Help 

No matter if you run a production line, a consulting firm or something in between, the regular refinement of your processes can have your business running like a well-oiled machine. SAP solutions from Dickinson + Associates can help you choose the best ways to adjust your process parameters now and down the road. With Dickinson + Associates, your business can run more efficiently and be on track to achieve its goals.  

Dickinson + Associates as Your Partner 

As an SAP Gold Channel Partner, Dickinson + Associates has our expert team focused on leveraging the most advanced technologies. By combining our expertise with the advantages of SAP, we’re able to deploy enterprise-grade solutions and provide unparalleled value for our clients. Contact us now to talk about optimizing your processes. 


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