Overall Equipment Effectiveness Advanced Analytics

Innovation to Transform your Production Line

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Advanced Analytics

Innovation to Transform your Production Line

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness is the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity.  To gain a true competitive advantage, it is imperative that companies focus on improving overall efficiency and performance, eliminating delays in production, getting products to market faster while minimizing production costs.  This requires insight into equipment downtime, availability metrics, and the degree to which non-conforming parts are being produced. Companies without these insights often settle for sub-optimal performance which translates into Availability Losses, Performance Losses, and Quality Losses — each affecting the bottom line.



Dickinson + Associates’ SAP Leonardo Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) application allows production line managers to monitor and analyze equipment performance by capturing 3 main Key Performance Indicators during a defined production run.  These KPI’s can be reviewed at both the operational and executive levels through the SAP Analytics Cloud.  Data is captured through the IoT services available in SAP Leonardo.

  • Availability: the percentage of scheduled time equipment / production line is available to operate. Often referred to as Uptime.
  • Performance: the speed at which the Work Center runs as a percentage of its designed speed and historical average speed.
  • Quality: the accepted units produced as a percentage of the total units started. Also referred to as First Time Yield (FTY).

Capturing the six big losses (unplanned stops, planned stops, small stops, slow cycles, production rejects, and start up rejects) during a production run has always been a tedious and in some cases manual task.  Most of the time, they are recognized only after a production run is complete.  Any actions taken are typically performed after the fact and without an ability to proactively predict these outcomes.

OEE enables management to proactively address issues, informing them of losses that occur during a production run in real-time so they can take appropriate measures for production lines to run more effectively.



Dickinson + Associates is an SAP Gold Channel Partner with a core team focused on ERP solutions, advanced analytics, cloud application development and database and data management technologies.  With a dedicated focus on  SAP Leonardo technologies, we are able to deploy enterprise grade solutions that provide enormous value to our customers. With our innovative, agile methodology that puts the user first, we can rapidly develop solutions that answer specific needs of the organization, and that do so through a rich, robust user experience.

Dickinson + Associates’ adaptive, agile approach to SAP Leonardo is designed to help move your business from a Digital Enterprise to an Intelligent Enterprise.

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