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Keep Your Success in Motion with an OEE Solution

By August 14, 2019No Comments

The goal of your production line should always be to minimize losses, maximize profits, satisfy customers and foster an environment for growth with future orders, contracts and product lines in mind. However, six common causes of productivity loss for production lines can cause setbacks that prevent this from happening. In this blog, we’ll explore the first three big productivity pitfalls and how Dickinson + Associates, along with SAP, offers an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) solution that will help you avoid these losses and attain success by mitigating productivity losses through smart solutions. 

Put a Stop to Big Losses 

Of the six setbacks your production line can face, three are internal to the line while the other half are external. In this blog, we’ll explore the three internal issues your production line may experience. 

  • Unplanned Stops: Unforeseen issues with the raw materials going into your production line, the machines on the line itself, the human workforce either operating or working in tandem with the line, the packaging processes after the product has left the line and any other issues causing a line to unexpectedly shut down. 
  • Planned Stops: Temporary halts in production are usually prescheduled and can occur for reasons such as shift changes, scheduled maintenance and downturn in production demand. 
  • Small Stops: Quick production holds where only certain sections of the line go down can be caused by machines or personnel on the line producing at different rates, small glitches like items getting caught in machinery and other similar issues. 

Both shutdowns and small stops can be minimized or prevented altogether by choosing the right implementation solution to get your production line back up and running as quickly as possible.  

How Our Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Can Help 

Dickinson + Associates Overall Equipment Effectiveness built on SAP Leonardo is your vertical solution in eliminating downtime. Using an OEE will help mitigate productivity losses and give your company a competitive advantage. This program will improve efficiency and performance by eliminating production delays and getting products to market faster while minimizing production costs. Additionally, OEE will provide insight into what caused the equipment downtime and show availability metrics. So, no matter if the stops on your production line are unplanned, planned or small hiccups, our OEE will save your business time and money.  

Dickinson + Associates as Your Partner 

As an SAP Gold Channel Partner, Dickinson + Associates has our expert team is focused on leveraging the most advanced technologies for your business success. By combining our expertise with the advantages of an intuitive OEE, you can rely on enterprise-grade solutions and unparalleled value. Our adaptive, agile approach to OEE lets you move your business from a Digital Enterprise to an Intelligent Enterprise. Be on the lookout for the next blog in which we discuss the final three ways your production line could be losing out on productivity. 

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