Public Sector


Today public sector organizations are facing conflicting mandates: doing more to modernize and streamline practices but with fewer resources–budget and people–to get the job done. The challenges are many: improve collaboration across agencies, increase transparency, serve constituents more effectively, incorporate best practices from industry, comply with new policies–and make all these parts work together under an overarching architecture or platform that encompasses all relevant systems, technologies and partners.

Dickinson + Associates helps public sector organizations transform their business-focused operations and strive for the same expectations as the private sector. We help public sector clients achieve efficient, responsive and cost-effective operations by applying best practices using the latest technologies and trained resources.


The SAP portfolio of offerings allows government agencies to integrate processes across all departments and levels. Functionality includes:

  • Integration with SAP HCM
  • Government programs
  • Government procurement
  • Tax and revenue management
  • Public sector accounting
  • Organization Management
  • Public security - border protection and customs compliance
  • Social Services

Implementing the Public Sector solution leads to improved collaboration between government agencies, reduced costs through shared services capabilities, better decision making, and Public ROI demonstrating the value of government programs and services.

A key component of the Public Sector solution, SAP NetWeaver helps government agencies unify technology components into a single platform, thereby reducing IT complexity, support requirements, and delivering increased business value. For example, powered by NetWeaver technology, a government agency can integrate front-office and back-office systems giving a case worker and call center agent access to data needed to review a citizen or business partner’s data. This will allow the workers to make decisions based on complete and comprehensive information.


The Dickinson + Associates public sector group delivers management consulting and information technology services to federal, state and local governmental agencies, educational institutions and public utilities. We bring experience and deliver expertise in strategic and tactical consulting solutions.

Dickinson + Associates excels at conceiving and delivering process efficiencies with public sector clients. Our goal is simple: help organizations optimize performance and maximize return on investment. In one local Navy supply site, we helped them realize 40% savings on purchases of spare parts through demand prioritization and procurement optimization, while at the same time improving fleet readiness.

Not only are Dickinson + Associates consultants experts in SAP and add-ons, but they also strive to simplify processes and guide users through change. With our grounding in business, we develop creative solutions to incorporate efficient budget and quality checks into processes.