Consumer Products / Retail



In today’s mobile economy, both consumer product and retail companies operate in a fiercely competitive marketplace where change is the only constant. Companies in both industries face both common and unique challenges and must adapt to demands driven by things such as market conditions, consumer preferences, cost pressures, and seasonal trends.
Consumer Product Companies must increase collaboration between retailers, suppliers and partners by linking all the relevant systems, processes, functions, people and data rapidly and cost effectively. Increased collaboration between retailers, suppliers and partners requires reorganization of business processes, systems and organizations.
Retailers must effectively manage branding, adapt to constantly-evolving consumer demand for new products and maintain active tracking and supply chain visibility of products from storage to the store. In addition, they must address regulatory and financial reforms that impact reporting, audit and compliance. E-commerce / and mobile business adds yet another layer of operational, marketing and customer service challenges.


SAP for Consumer Products enables high performance through integrated sales and marketing, manufacturing planning and execution, order-to-cash management, batch tracking, environmental compliance, global data synchronization and master data management. This is built on a platform of cutting-edge SAP NetWeaver technology and provides easy-to-use reporting from Business Objects. The solution supports the following critical business functions:

  • Sales and service - sales execution and customer service
  • Supply chain management - integrated sourcing and planning
  • Manufacturing - operational efficiencies and product traceability
  • Product innovation - innovation and new product development
  • Marketing - brand management
  • Financial performance management - analytics and reporting
  • Workforce management - workforce scheduling

SAP Retail offers an industry solution tailored to meet retail industry specific requirements across the entire value chain. With focus on suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and the end consumer, SAP Retail delivers several benefits including optimizing labor costs, increasing margins and profitability, increasing sales, and delivering better product through a common view of customer demand. SAP Retail functionality and tools include:

  • Shopper insight analysis - understanding unified shopper demand
  • Merchandise life-cycle management
    • Strategic planning
    • Promotion planning - robust what-if functionality
    • Life-cycle planning - price optimization function to help calculate profitability
    • Markdown planning - sales analysis
  • Supply chain management - F&R, SCM and EWM
  • Shopper experience management
    • Catalog and E-Commerce Management
    • Call Center Management
    • Customer Loyalty Management - shopper habits


The Dickinson + Associates consumer products and retail group delivers management consulting, mobile applications and information technology services to help companies deliver higher quality, innovative products at the lowest cost while providing better management visibility to critical information. Our consultants have business acumen coupled with SAP expertise that provides an understanding of the consumer products industry. Whether food and beverage, apparel, retail, consumer durables, or home care products, Dickinson + Associates can tailor an SAP solution and mobile application to a client’s specialized needs and requirements.