In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are continuously searching for ways to improve and optimize their manufacturing operations. Improving planning, maximizing productivity while minimizing inventory levels and lowering operating costs are among the challenges that face manufacturing and operations executives. Companies are now finding it essential to transform their traditional supply chains from time intensive, sequential processes into responsive supply networks in which communities of customer-centric, demand-driven organizations collaborate, intelligently adapt to changing market conditions, and proactively respond to shorter, less predictable life cycles. Utilizing the power of SAP and the manufacturing experiences of Dickinson + Associates, companies can position themselves for cost effective growth.


SAP is the leading enterprise application for manufacturing companies and offers unmatched capabilities. SAP makes significant R&D investment toward industry focused solutions that address common manufacturing needs. These industry solutions allow companies to improve visibility to important key business indicators such as inventory levels and valuation, shop floor controls, sales insight and performance to plan. SAP Manufacturing provides capabilities for production planning, shop floor execution, inventory staging, quality assurance and control, and plant maintenance. SAP Manufacturing enables companies to design and deploy adaptive manufacturing operations that include:

  • Manufacturing planning – Optimally plan, schedule, and sequence factory-floor production to produce and deliver committed orders. Available tools include Sales & Operations Planning that feed Demand Management, Master Production Scheduling, Materials Requirements Planning and Capacity Planning
  • Manufacturing execution – Deliver on production plans by managing production processes, staff deployment, and other factory-floor resources in Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order or Configure-To-Order processes. Even advanced Project Performance Management can be planned and executed with the SAP suite of products.
  • Inventory Control - Document, monitor, and dispatch inventory during the entire production life cycle.


SAP Manufacturing integrates manufacturing with other enterprise processes. This robust solution delivers superior manufacturing performance, offering the following business benefits:

  • Faster response to changes in supply and demand – Increase visibility and responsiveness, quickly adapt to unforeseen changes, and rapidly capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Earlier detection and resolution of exceptions – Improve tracking and analysis to identify and fix problems before they become customer issues.
  • Increased margins – Reduce operating expenses through optimal planning, scheduling, sequencing, execution, monitoring, and analysis. Coordinate with partners and achieve continuous improvement in production and quality to lower costs and boost margins.
  • Higher customer satisfaction – Deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time.
  • Closer alignment of manufacturing with business strategy – Keep manufacturing aligned with business priorities to improve company performance and achieve business goals.


Dickinson + Associates transforms your manufacturing organization through integration of operations that realize the overall efficiencies desired by businesses, and help businesses optimize existing processes. Our seasoned consultants use their real world business experience and proven implementation and optimization methodologies to help guide customers through their SAP endeavors. We deliver strategic and tactical consulting solutions to assess your existing manufacturing operation, introduce new policies, practices and procedures, retire and replace your existing Manufacturing Operating tools, or optimize your existing SAP Manufacturing solutions. Whether local or global, we assist in transforming manufacturing companies for growth and profitability.