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How Your ERP Delivers Data-Driven Intelligence

By November 27, 2019No Comments

As companies grow and departments begin to function with increasing independence, stakeholders overseeing the entire business need all the information they can get. Having real-time data helps decision-makers steer the ship to avoid obstacles in its path. If you’re afraid that you don’t have the insights you need, then it’s time to consider an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

An ERP software solution helps enterprise-level companies bring all aspects of their business — including supply chain, human resources, procurement and finance — into a single tool. An ERP solution uses predictive software to help automate business functions. Find out how an ERP uses data-driven intelligence to make your life simpler.

What an ERP Gives Your Business

Once your business implements an ERP solution, you’ll start to see improvements in productivity across the entire organization. Below is a breakdown of four ERP solution benefits:

Real-Time Analysis

Human error can cost businesses a lot of money in revenue. Fortunately, ERP systems are capable of processing and analyzing large amounts of data in real-time. Gone are the days of juggling multiple spreadsheets from different software programs to see the company’s financial reports. This kind of assisted decision-making gives stakeholders the ability to stay on the cutting edge by avoiding obstacles other companies won’t see coming.

Enhanced User Experience

Some ERP applications mimic the experience of having a digital assistant. Over time, the software actively learns from their human counterparts to make users more efficient and effective within their job roles. This improved user experience will be a deciding factor for why one business may choose one ERP solution over another. Also, the enhanced user experience will trickle down to your customers. According to SAP, companies with a best-in-class customer experience see significant improvements in customer profit margin year-over-year.

Minimize Overhead

Every business is looking for ways to save money. Companies can save by having all departments working from one system instead of using their own programs. This efficiency will help cut down on administration and labor costs by ensuring everything works at the right time while increasing profitability. ERP systems can also help with procurement and sourcing by analyzing purchasing patterns and automating the next order, so businesses avoid wasting money. Of early adopters of machine learning software, 48 percent cited an increase in profitability as a top benefit, according to SAP.

Do More with Less

In addition to saving money, enterprises are also looking for new ways to do more with fewer resources. ERP systems are designed for this kind of improvement by delivering higher employee productivity. According to SAP, companies with an intelligent ERP system have more engaged employees. Plus, ERP solutions can scale to meet the needs of your business, so say goodbye to the constant solution turnover as your company reaches a new milestone.

How Dickinson + Associates Can Help  

If your business is ready for an ERP solution, then let Dickinson + Associates be your guide. With over two decades of experience as an SAP Gold Partner, you can rely on our elite team of industry professionals to guide you through the SAP S/4HANA ERP migration process. Contact us to see how easy it can be.

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