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How BusinessObjects Can Help Companies Better Understand Data

By December 10, 2019No Comments

How BusinessObjects Can Help Companies Better Understand Data

In our last blog, we discussed how SAP Analytics Cloud could help your business use big data to make smarter decisions. In this blog, we’ll discuss how SAP BusinessObjects, an enterprise business intelligence (BI) solution, can help you better understand the insights you need to grow your business.

How Business Intelligence Software Helps Your Business

BI software is the backbone of any short or long-term business strategy. To know how well, or poorly, a business is doing, users need the right information. Unfortunately, not all data is relevant; that’s where BI software comes in. BI takes raw data and extracts insights to aide company stakeholders in making decisions that will increase efficiency and improve performance. With this information, company stakeholders can set the right KPIs and metrics to get their companies on the right track.

Key Benefits & Capabilities of SAP BusinessObjects

One of the most popular enterprise-level BI software solutions on the market is SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite. With BusinessObjects, you’ll have an analytics platform that can support the growth of your enterprise with real-time data. Here are three key benefits to using BusinessObjects:

  1. Reporting & Analysis – One advantage of using a BI tool is that users can see trends within their company. Identifying patterns helps businesses plan for the future by making smart investments at opportune times. BusinessObjects gives users the option to make on-demand queries, report summaries and analyses to better predict what’s coming around the corner.
  2. Data Visualization – For those unfamiliar to reading analytics, all that raw data can be intimidating to view on a spreadsheet. The BusinessObjects dashboard enables users to better understand enterprise analytics by illustrating key data points in graphs, maps and other visually appealing methods.
  3. Microsoft Office Integration – Microsoft Office applications play a crucial role in getting work done at almost every enterprise-level business. With the use of intuitive tools, users will be able to filter and manipulate data to identify trends and outliers from programs such as Microsoft Excel and share results in live PowerPoint presentations.

How Dickinson + Associates Can Help

As businesses grow, so do the number of challenges that go along with running an enterprise-level company. Armed with SAP solutions from Dickinson + Associates, your business can use enterprise analytics to find out ways to make your business run more efficiently, increasing profitability and growth. Armed with full visibility into the information that your business needs most, business intelligence tools brought to you by Dickinson + Associates can help you grow smarter.

Dickinson + Associates as Your Partner

As an SAP Gold Partner with more than two decades of SAP experience, Dickinson + Associates has a team of experts ready to help our partners with all their software needs. Once we get to know your business, we get to work crafting an enterprise-grade solution with the latest SAP technology. Contact us today to see how we can turn your business into an Intelligent Enterprise.

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