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Get Your Processes Working for You

By October 19, 2019November 4th, 2019No Comments

When is the last time you stopped to consider your business processes? Certain process components may not be optimized or best suited to your current and future needs and are, in turn, holding your business back. In this blog, we’ll explore how to identify when your processes need updating and how Dickinson + Associates, along with SAP, can offer a solution to help you improve them.

Process & Insights

A process is essentially any set series of tasks performed by humans, machines or a combination of both to achieve a desired outcome. Insights are realizations made by examining a specific cause and effect (be it positive or negative) in context to the performance of said processes. Process optimization happens when insights help you identify certain aspects of the process as inefficient, causing you to reevaluate and adjust the process in question. The goal is to make the most effective use of these insights without infringing upon any established constraints, such as industry standards or laws.

Identifying A Problem Process

Most of your current processes were probably created in the early days of your business. While they worked at first, you’ve probably added on other steps as your business has grown, leading the way to bloated and inefficient processes over time.

Vetting your processes and discovering certain insights will help you to develop better practices and improve your bottom line. As new demands in output and quality are established, the addition, elimination, alteration and overall refinement of processes will help you continue to meet your business goals.

Now that your business has grown and new variables have been introduced, inefficient practices need to be addressed. Your first step is to identify processes that need to be reworked or replaced. Start with some questions that could help your team identify problems like:

  • Have the parameters of each process recently been examined?
  • Are they still achieving the best results?
  • Were they optimized for efficiency in the first place?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you’re most likely wasting time, resources and money with an outdated, bloated process.

How Dickinson + Associates Can Help

No matter if you run a production line, a consulting firm or something in between, regularly auditing your processes can have your business running like a well-oiled machine. SAP solutions from Dickinson + Associates can help you identify processes that have become too cumbersome so they can be reworked or replaced. With Dickinson + Associates, your business can run more efficiently which sets you on the path to achieving your goals.

Dickinson + Associates as Your Partner

As an SAP Gold Channel Partner, Dickinson + Associates has our expert team focused on leveraging the most advanced technologies. By combining our business expertise with innovative SAP software, we’re able to deploy enterprise-grade solutions and provide unparalleled value for our clients. Be on the lookout for the next blog in which we discuss how you can best take processes you’ve identified as inefficient and improve or replace them so you can better run your business.

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