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Choosing Your Path to SAP S/4HANA

By July 30, 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments

Making Plans Into Reality

You’ve heard all about the business reasons to make the move to SAP S/4HANA: embedded analytics, enhanced user experience, long-term value. But knowing what you need to do and actually doing it can understandably seem worlds apart.

In our new eBook, “Make the Move to SAP S/4HANA,” [form below] we’ll help you assess your current situation, analyze the main potential paths to implementation, and guide you forward as you continue building — and embracing — your Intelligent Enterprise.


Get details on the benefits and challenges of each path to SAP S/4HANA — ensuring you align your roadmap to achieve your desired business goals.

We’ll analyze:

• The Brownfield Approach, perfect for companies that are satisfied with their business processes and data management but need to enable quicker adoption and development of new innovations
• The Greenfield Approach, best for companies that need a net-new implementation, allowing them to redesign processes based on the latest innovations and no longer worry about clunky legacy data
• The Selective Data Transition Approach, right for companies that want the best of both worlds, establishing new business processes based on a new configuration set, all while extracting, transforming and loading historical data subsets in order to maintain important data

Download the ebook by filling out the form below and learn which approach will work best for you in your digital transformation journey!



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