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Can Enterprise Solutions Give Cannabis Companies a Competitive Edge?

By August 1, 2020August 17th, 2020No Comments

By Morgan Fletcher


Compliance in the cannabis industry is constantly evolving.

Not to mention, the legal status of cannabis is (still) in flux around the country. As a result, things are only expected to become more complex before anything like a “gold standard” is landed upon.

So, to protect employees and consumers — not to mention the business itself — cannabis companies must create a comprehensive strategy, one grounded in data-driven decision-making. The risk associated with error, and with not being prepared for future compliance changes, calls for a solution — and an approach — that can adapt and scale to any company’s requirements.

By implementing an enterprise solution and corresponding best practices, cannabis companies can mitigate the risks that come with operating in such a heavily regulated industry — now, and in the future — and gain a competitive advantage over those who take a piecemeal approach with their solutions along the way.

How will they do it? Click over to “Cannabis & Tech Today” to read my blog on the subject and see how we can work to build a “gold standard” for compliance.




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