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An Effective ERP Comes with More

By January 2, 2019May 24th, 2019No Comments

Your management and reporting resources are impacted by a lot of factors. Some are outside of your control, like the breakneck pace of industry change. Others can be changed for the better, like taking a proactive approach to digital disruption as it takes over the industry.

One way to do that, especially as your business grows, is to make sure you have agile, adaptable planning and management resources at your fingertips. You’ll need an ERP solution that delivers the data-driven insight your business needs, along with a robust selection of extensions, applications and integrations that further extend the power of your ERP.

Capable of More

With powerful extensions like ShipSelect 2.0 by Dickinson + Associates, you’ll be able to rely on cloud-based solutions that help you do more with less. ShipSelect is a multi-carrier shipping solution that connects to your ERP and allows for the real-time creation of shipments, generation of carrier-compliant labels and documents, rate quoting and shipment tracking from a single, user friendly interface.

These kinds of “extras” can help you:

  • Streamline your processes
  • Integrate seamlessly with SAP
  • Communicate directly with your partners and clients
  • Take advantage of the cloud
  • Benefit from next-level support

SAP Mobility

SAP Leonardo brings you the power to conquer your digital transformation by bringing innovative technologies and services together. With Leonardo, you’ll be able to capitalize on Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Analytics and more. When you work with Dickinson + Associates, you’ll have our expert support in integrating this future-facing technology to help you grow faster.

Leonardo allows you to:

  • Combine multiple capabilities in a single, connected environment
  • Rapidly deploy the application suite and flexible scale it as you grow
  • Respond proactively to changes in the industry
  • Increase efficiency and productivity across your organization

An ERP with More

When your business runs on an ERP solution with powerful extensions, applications and integrations, you get maximum results from the effort you’re putting in. SAP’s intelligent ERP solutions form a digital core that allows your business to integrate processes and increase efficiency. SAP S/4HANA delivers the extended power of an intelligent automation solution supported by AI and predictive analytics. Support your next-generation business processes with an on-premises solution or the flexibility of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Why Dickinson + Associates?

Dickinson + Associates is a premier SAP Gold Partner that delivers quality SAP S/4HANA, S/4HANA Public Cloud Solutions, BI/Analytics, SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Cloud consulting services.  As a team of 150+ full-time SAP professionals reflecting the ideal mix of years of relevant business knowledge, very strong SAP credentials, and solid communication skills, we are truly “Business People who know SAP”.

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