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Accelerate Your Transformation with Top-Tier Service Integrators

By August 17, 2020No Comments

By Sean Molloy

Every smart enterprise begins with a state-of-the-art digital core.

Look at SAP’s tier-one ERP system, which has evolved over the years into an integration and networking powerhouse. With ERP, business users across the organization are brought together in a suite of industry — and role-specific — functionality integrated into a single and central platform.

Simply put, the digital core and its associated infrastructure become the backbone for the smart enterprise.

What’s Next?

Once foundations are in place, the smart enterprise project can start in earnest — starting with hiring a firm.

Preferably, you will want a one-stop shop with the project management competencies necessary to: create a phased roadmap, design the solution (or solutions), properly set the scope and assumptions, identify KPIs, manage the project, and deliver the project with the expertise necessary.

Keep in mind: This is not an easy task. Not all firms have invested in the resources needed to support smart enterprise implementations.

So, how can you narrow down your list of potential service integrators (SIs)? Read my full column on Industry Today to learn the 13 key roles you’ll need your SI to fill — to ensure your transformation truly takes you to the next level.



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